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Mass Torts

Our firm is uniquely positioned among personal injury attorneys in America, with strength in numbers, available resources, and dedication to take on the most complex legal issues against large corporate defendants. We work on legal teams across the country to ensure that the best possible attorneys and/or experts represent you.

Pharmaceutical Mass Torts

Mass Torts

If you have been harmed by a dangerous drug, seeking the advice of a qualified personal injury attorney is the best step you can take to protecting yourself and your interests.

Defective Medical Device Mass Torts

Defective Medical
Device Mass Torts

When medical devices fail, the potential for harm is genuinely frightening. Patients are faced with the choice of additional, painful surgeries to remove and replace the implanted device or the uncertainty of living with a defective device inside their bodies. Our legal teams are experienced at handling complex medical device lawsuits.
Statutory Damages Mass Torts

Statutory Damages
Mass Torts

Many types of contracts are covered by legislation that details exactly what must be paid out when one party fails to live up to the contract. Our firm can work with you to help collect what you’re owed under statutory damages laws.

Defective Consumer Products Mass Torts

Defective Consumer
Products Mass Torts

If you’ve faced significant financial loss or been injured by a defective consumer product, seeking the advice of a personal injury attorney may be your best course of action. Companies are responsible for ensuring that the products they sell are safe, and when they fail in this duty often the only recourse consumers have is to seek compensation for their injuries through bringing a civil lawsuit.

Agricultural Mass Torts

Mass Torts

Farmers increasingly rely on large agricultural companies to supply the seed and materials they need to feed the world. But these companies also have the power to cause serious damage to small farmers. If you’ve suffered a serious financial loss as a result of the actions of an agricultural company, contact the national law firm of Cross Law Firm.

Other Mass Torts and Class Actions

Other Mass Torts
and Class Actions

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Whistleblower and other types of Lawsuits: Wage & Hour Employment s, Employee Rights, Talcum Powder, Cast Iron Pipes, Mesothelioma, Xarelto, Risperdal, Invokana, Benicar, Actemra, Pradaxa, Onglyza, Invega, Testosterone Therapy, Benicar, Risperdal, Zostavax, Taxotere, Abilify, HealthNow Data Breach, Yahoo Data Breach, Breach of Warranty, Benzene, Continental Airbags, Takata Airbags, Self-Driving Cars, Toyota Oil Consumption Defect, GM Ignition Switch, Volkswagen, Independent Contractor Misclassification, Bair Hugger, Transvaginal Mesh s, Hernia Mesh, Essure Birth Control, IVC Filters, DePuy Elbow Implant, Stryker Hip Implants, Nuisance, Landfill, and environmental, among others.